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AVDEYEVA Alla Anatolievna graduated from Leningrad pediatric medical institute external studies at the department of ophthalmology

I have studied at the department of ophthalmology of the State institute of doctor`s advanced training after which I received the specialization of an ophtalmologist and orthopist (specialist in strabismus, amblyopia).

I have been conducting consultations on the basis of the district polyclinic No.71. In 1993 I took up scientific and research work dedicated to recovery of visual functions based on EEG training under the conditions of biological feedback.

I have created my own universal methods for treating shortsightedness, long sight, astigmatisms and methods for improving and recovery of the residual vision of the patients with congenital hereditary retina and optic nerve diseases.

I have obtained the RF patent for invention "The method for amblyopia treatment" No. 20808445 of October 11, 1996.

AVDEYEVA A.A. has trained according to the methods a group of doctors from the district surgeries of the schools for blind and poor sighted children, orthopaedic kindergartens, doctors from hospitals and polyclinic in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other towns of Russia.

In October 1996 she took part and made a report at the international conference in Finland.

In June 2000 she defended a thesis at the department of ophthalmology of Russian Academy of medical postgraduate education.

Currently she works at the international center of Alternative medicine and practices medical consultations for the patients with following pathologies: shortsightedness, long sight, astigmatism, amblyopia, strabismus and for the patients who had undergone crystalline lens removal operations, patients with cataract on condition of incomplete occlusion, congenial and hereditary retina and optic nerve diseases.

In parallel with practical work AVDEYEVA A.A. is continuously perfecting her professional knowledge, participates in scientific conferences, has close professional connections and is engaged in scientific work at the department of ophthalmology of Russian Academy of medical postgraduate education where she introduced her methods in October 1995.

In 1996 she performed a program report at scientific and practice conference of "Non-invasive methods of treatment" cycle in Russian Academy of medical postgraduate education (Moscow) and conducted demonstrative consultations for doctors from Finland, Australia and a number of Russian towns.