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Thoughts of the eternity. In the temple 100 thousand Buddhistic Monastery Shaoling. Gendu province.

Professor Sun - head of the cardiology department and doctor A.Solonsky. Peking. Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctor Solonsky A.V. making a report about treatment of hernias of intervertebral discs by the method of alternative method. University of Academy Of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Peking.

Synchronous Kung-Fu training with the master. Monastery "Temple of the sky"

Static postures with weapons. Monastery "Temple of the sky". Peking. Doctor Ya Li Shen on the general round. 1991

After Kung-Fu training in the Emperor`s park. Peking.

Accompanied by the Buddhist mentor and assistant in Shaoling monastery.

A new method of treatment different diseases through the abdominal wall. Peking.

"Assistants". Chinese nurses are very diligent.

Meeting in Harbin 11 years later. -47 degrees Celsius. Holiday of ice lanterns.

Famous Chinese professor Sia - one of the founders of Academt of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin. Meeting 11 years later. Peking.

Heads of the department of foreign specialists and A.V. Solonsky. Peking. ATCM.

After Kung-Fy training in the Emperor`s park. Pekin.

Diploma of the Peking University of Traditional Chinese medicine. Director of the University, head of the department of foreign specialists and A.V.Solonsky

Tibetan clinic in Peking. With a friend and colleague doctor Djan. Peking

Teachers of Si-Gun-treatment department in the hospital. Peking. University clinic.

Demonstration of Si-Gun treatment in the hospital. Peking. University clinic.

Tibetan hospital in Peking.